Little by little Becomes a Hill

There have been many exchanges that have implemented a 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) security system which is an online security feature, where users must verify their identity twice. Where when a user logs in to an account on Exchange, after entering the user ID and password, the user will be asked to enter a special code sent via SMS or use Google Authenticator on a cellphone. There is no such thing as starting an investment right away, there are many processes and things that must be learned again to achieve the desired investment success target. Whatever the investment instrument, there is still a small or large risk. Likewise with bitcoin investing. So before starting, make sure you fully understand what bitcoin is, its characteristics, risks, and benefits. The information you need is available on our official website

After selecting the pair you want to trade. You just have to make an order by entering the price and amount of Bitcoin you want to buy, then the amount of rupiah needed will appear. Choose the type of order, taker, or maker. If you choose a taker, the order will be executed immediately according to the existing market price. The amount of Bitcoin ownership will be updated immediately and the amount of the Rupiah deposit will decrease according to the number of purchases made. If you choose a maker, the order does not occur immediately and you have to wait until it matches the desired price. As long as there is no match, the order will wait in the order book. The unit for the amount of buying and selling Bitcoin can be up to eight digits after the decimal point, which is 0.00000001 BTC. So, you can trade with small numbers like 0.3870426 BTC. The process of selling Bitcoin is the same as buying it. Only now, after successful execution, the Rupiah deposit increases, and Bitcoin holdings decrease.

To withdraw your bitcoins into rupiah, the method is quite easy, namely by submitting a withdrawal in the application used. You can also withdraw the bitcoins held on the exchange. All you have to do is enter the address of the wallet where you want to send bitcoins.

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