The First Handling Of Swollen Gums

Don’t worry, the first treatment for swollen gums (gingivitis) can be done only with materials and tools available at home. Following are the steps from dentist near me that accept medicaid for handling that can be done:

Brush and clean your teeth gently. Clean teeth can prevent further swelling. You can also floss your teeth.

Gargle with warm saltwater. This salty solution can work to kill bacteria in the mouth. Apart from the salt solution, you can also rinse your mouth with mouthwash that contains an antiseptic.

Drink plenty of water to stimulate saliva production. Too much saliva can weaken the bacteria in the mouth.

Compress the face with a cloth soaked in warm water on the location of the swollen gums. Dentists will usually ask when the symptoms of swollen gums appeared. In addition, the doctor may ask about your health condition, such as whether you have a family history of illness or are pregnant. After asking, a physical examination is possible. Treatment of swollen gums depends on the underlying condition.

If you don’t want to experience swollen gums, there are a number of things that can help prevent swelling or relieve symptoms, which is by brush regularly, at least twice daily or after meals, and also floss regularly.

Few tips for you, in the morning, most people usually brush their teeth immediately after waking up or while taking a shower. However, in fact, this habit is not quite right. Cleaning your teeth should be done after breakfast to keep your teeth clean during your activities. If the breakfast menu contains acid, give a 30-minute pause before brushing your teeth so that the enamel content on your teeth doesn’t dissolve. Even at night, brushing your teeth should be done if you don’t plan to eat anymore or just before bed.

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