Do You Know How To Care For Sowing Vegetable Seeds?

The way to maintain vegetable seeds in the nursery is done by watering, thinning the seeds, and preventing pests and diseases. Pay attention to the conditions of the growing media used. If it is dry, do enough watering immediately so that the plant does not lack water. Use a small sprayer to water the seeding media so that the position of the seeds in the media does not fall apart due to exposure to the water that is splashed. Too much water can cause the seeds to not germinate and even rot due to the damp conditions of the seedlings. Apart from that, if you need excellent seeds for your farm or garden, you can buy the best seeds for sprouting from a trustworthy shop.

It is enough to water the sowing twice a day, in the morning and evening, depending on the conditions of the planting medium. If the planting medium is damp, simply water it once a day to keep the media moist.

Usually, the new seeds will show their growth on the 7th to the 10th day since sowing. The seeds that grow too tightly on the seeding medium must be transferred to polybags so that all seeds grow normally.

The transfer is carried out for the seeds planted in large pots and trays. If the seeds have been planted in small pots, it is not necessary to thin the seeds, but they can be weaned directly into small pots at 1-3 weeks of age.

The seeds in the nursery are susceptible to pests and diseases. Meanwhile, diseases that are often encountered are stem rot, late blight, and wilting. To prevent disease and pests, you should keep the nursery area clean, don’t let the seedling medium get too damp, and apply pesticides if necessary.

If the young plants are out, the pots or polybags can be moved to an area exposed to sunlight. Young seeds must be dried in the sun in the morning for about 2 hours, then transfer to a shaded area so that the seeds are not permanently exposed to sunlight.

If the seeds have grown to a height of 10 cm and have 3-4 leaves, the seeds are ready to be transferred to pots or land for growing.

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