These Flowers Are Perfect For An Elegant Wedding

There are many types of bridal flower bouquets available today. There are quite a several flower bouquet designs to complete your look on your special wedding day. From the start you should have decided which type of flower bouquet you want to wear, so you don’t have to be confused again before the wedding day. Meanwhile, you can also buy flowers from sainsburys flowers if you only want to get high-quality fresh flowers for your wedding.

But before that, you must first know some types of flower bouquets that are popularly worn by other brides:


This type of cascade bouquet is the most traditional and formal type of bouquet which is often referred to as a Teardrop or Trail Bouquet. The flower arrangements are made as if they fell or spilled from the hands of the bride and groom, resembling a waterfall. The combination of flowers and dangling leaves can balance your appearance.


This type of composite flower bouquet is an expensive flower bouquet because it is made from hundreds of real flower petals that are put together to form a very large flower. It looks simple but quite draining of funds. If your budget is sufficient to make it, no problem. But you can outsmart it by making a composite flower bouquet from cloth or paper.

Hand Tied

This hand-tied flower bouquet consists of several sets of flowers that are loosely tied using a ribbon. You can also make it yourself if you are not busy. This type of bouquet is suitable for outdoor weddings. However, this flower bouquet has the disadvantage that it easily wilts due to the lack of water reserves underneath.


This type of nosegay bouquet includes flower bouquets that can last a long time because they have a bouquet holder made of foam, and usually have been given water. So, it will be easier for you to hold this bouquet because there is a grip that fits in your hand. You can decorate the grip too.

Arm Sheath

This type of bouquet is similar to the type of cascade bouquet, this arm sheath flower bouquet is a traditional bouquet but is still widely used for modern-style weddings. Using flowers that have long stems so that they can be carried by the bride in her arms.

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