Mistakes Using Face Scrub That Make Your Face Failed To Glowing

Not a few women often use supplements for glowing skin and exfoliate regularly, in order to exfoliate the skin on the face. One product that is often chosen is a face scrub, to make facial skin glowing and smooth. However, if you make a mistake using a face scrub, it can actually damage your skin. Here are some mistakes using a face scrub that can irritate your skin:

Used after exposure to sunlight
Face scrubs are effective in helping to get rid of dark skin tones. However, if you use this product after exposure to sunlight it can actually cause irritation and your face will become red.

Used when the skin is dry
The purpose of exfoliating is to remove dead skin on the face. However, if you do this on purpose it can have a bad impact. The reason is, the use of scrubs when the skin is dry can cause irritation to scratches on the skin surface.

Polished when the face is dirty
Apply a facial scrub, highly recommended in clean conditions. Because, in these conditions, the dirt will be completely removed. If you exfoliate when facial skin is dirty, it can prevent dirt from coming out and tend to clog.

When you get acne-prone skin
Facial skin that is pimpled is very prone. Therefore, it is better not to use any products until the acne is gone. However, if you force the urge to keep exfoliating when you have acne, it can actually make your acne worse.

In addition, you need to drink water. Consuming water can help detoxify the skin and body. Therefore, water can get rid of toxins in the body. Water is also one of the natural ingredients that can make facial skin cleaner, healthier, and radiant. Therefore, be diligent about consuming at least eight glasses of water per day.

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